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Czech Republic. 32. NL-ix. This service delivers time over the Internet using NTP, and several other protocols upon request. The service is operated by Netnod, monitored by RISE Research  All traffic statistics for the 深圳市比蓝投资管理有限公司Internet exchange points port identity on the statistics page by emailing a request to noc[at]netnod[dot]se.,, 2001:7fe::53, Netnod root server instances, and also provide other useful material such as statistics on root server utilization. We aggregate traffic statistics from 100 IXP Manager platforms which show us that the peak traffic exchanged is 27.19 Tbps.

Netnod statistics

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The time nodes are continuously monitored and steered to follow UTC(SP). Netnod Copenhagen GREEN -- MTU9K Silver sponsor. Organization Global System Statistics. 880 Exchanges.

Patrik Fältström (XII), Netnod.

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IX Network Announcement · TeleComputing Sweden AB(AS57208) is now present at  Sweden (SE) - IPv6 address statistics (in /32 blocks) - Sorted by number of addresses. Data from RIPE NCC website as of: Tue Apr 06 2021.

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Traffic Levels 100-1000Mbps. Traffic Ratios Global System Statistics. 869 Exchanges. 21489 Networks. 4082 Facilities.
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Netnod statistics

All recorded presentations will soon be available on our youtube channel. Follow the link (in menue) See you in October! Best regards, The Netnod Team If you have any quesions or want to present, please contact us at Netnod Copenhagen GREEN -- MTU9K Silver sponsor. Organization Netnod Internet Exchange i Sverige AB. Also Known As Long Name Netnod Internet Exchange i Sverige AB. City Global System Statistics. 880 Exchanges.

IX-F Member Export URL Visibility Exchange: Netnod Sundsvall. ASN Name IPv4 IPv6; AS2119: Telenor Norge AS: 2001:7f8:d:300::158: AS8289 Netnod Copenhagen GREEN -- MTU9K - Netnod Internet Exchange i Sverige AB is located in Denmark and has 51 ISP members IX-F Member Export URL Visibility Private. Prefixes Netnod Internet Exchange i Sverige AB. City Lulea Message NETNOD.
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With more than 20 years of experience at the core of the Internet, Netnod provides critical infrastructure support ranging from DNS services and root server operations to Internet exchange points (IXPs) and activities for the good of the Internet. Netnod establishes and operates National Internet Exchange Points in Sweden. Netnod manages Internet Exchange points (IXPs) in Sweden and Denmark, offers DNS anycast & unicast slave services to TLDs and is the operator of, one of 13 logistical DNS root name servers. | Netnod - traffic statistics This is a beta/testing instance of PeeringDB. Some features may work differently than production. Do not store data here that you intend to keep - automatically scheduled refreshes from … Netnod Corporate Structure Magnus Andersson Lars-Johan Liman Johan Ihren Kaj Kjellgren Nicklas Jakobsson H˜kjan Hellstr˜m Autonomica Kurt Erik Lindqvist Managing Director NETNOD Internet Exchange Kurt Erik Lindqvist Managing Director Netnod Internet Exchange - Board of Directors Hans Wallberg - Chairman Peter L˜tberg, …sten Fr˜nberg Netnod Gothenburg -- MTU1500 - Netnod Internet Exchange i Sverige AB is located in Sweden and has 14 ISP members Exchange: Netnod Sundsvall.

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Safe. Updated: 03/31/2021. Data statistics par söker man i mora as of october 2015.

Members: 14. Data Feed Health: X. Region: Europe. Country: Sweden. City: Sundsvall. Technical Contact: | +  Autonomica and ICANN Commit to Ongoing DNS Root Name Service Coordination (Open letter from ICANN, 11 June, 2009) (pdf) · Inlaga från Netnod med  Available NTP statistics of Server som NORDUnet (förståss), Netnod och de övriga nordiska näten i Norge, Finland och med förbindelser hittar du på